Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome to Attic Arts!

Hi, I'm Edee, and I'm an artsy-fartsy gal living in the heart of Virginia. I have a great husband, five grown children (two boys, one girl, and two with fur) and a brand-spanking new, fabulous son-in-law. My passion is creating amazing collectibles and decorative items for anyone and everyone! I especially love whimsy and loads of color.

I like to share my creations, musings, and general observations of the world at large. Please join me on my personal journey of blog discovery! More to follow -- I'll keep you (and this blog) posted! Ciao baby!


  1. Hey AtticArts lady.
    Just wanted to say 'Hi Stampers'

  2. Attic Arts ... what a great name! Congratulations on your blog. And...hi stampers!