Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hi stampers, card makers, paper enthusiasts, and correspondence junkies! I hope you are all doing well....only 2 more days until the weekend...Yeehaa! And I hope the weather cooperates! My friend, Monica and I have been wanting to get out by the pool for about a week and a half, and every time we mention doing so, the weather turns ugly and stormy. But yet it is still HOT! So....we decided to ask for horrible weather in the hopes it will be sunny and blue skies. Does reverse psychology work with the cosmos? We'll find out this weekend (and you know I'll keep you posted!). So, nephew graduated from high school and is having a party next month which we will be driving up to Ohio for. This is the card I made for him. The front has Snoopy flying a bi-plane and the sentiment: Follow Your Dreams. It has Congratulations on the inside.It was super fun to make and I really enjoyed doing the cloud effect and the vintage aging.I hope he likes it as much as I do! I know he he is "Peanuts" fan from way back. My dear friend and co-conspirator in our card /coffee clatch, Linda, loaned me this stamp. Thank You Linda! (huggies :)) So fellow stampers...let it rain (NOT!!!) this weekend! TTFN,

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