Thursday, July 16, 2009

Recently, I visited a new dentist (I do like this one, by the way). ANYWAY, I digress. As part of the usual indoctrination of new patients, I had been given a plethora of forms and questionnaires to fill out (i.e., name, age, first grade boyfriend's name -- you know, the usual). SO OKAY, there was a spot to be filled for "what do you prefer to be called or known as?". My inclination was to put down the truth, so of course I thought "her highness, the queen" or "your majesty." Unfortunately, people refused to call me by these names -- how RUDE! So, I acquiesced to being called by my given name. SO, this is where the idea for this card came from.

The front of the card says "So Okay...", and the inside reads "If I'm not the Queen, why does my pantyhose say I am?". Fun story, huh? And true! So, enjoy stampers.



  1. I love this card and by the way, I am also a Queen!! I just checked, thank goodness I am not on a public computer!! Love your blog! Good luck and I know it is going to be a very popular site!