Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Monday!

Hi there Blog Fans!'s Monday and as most Mondays can be rough, this one is proving to be a challenge! I wanted to take a picture of today's litle card and the camera said "NO". Probably because the memory is full! (Most of them are NOT my photos) by the way. we I have to clear out the memory and square that away before snapping any photos. Geez Whiz! While that is underway, let me tell you about Friday (felt like Monday!) last week...My friend Monica and I went to get pedicures and lunch. Fun, right? But my DH also asked if I could run 2 errands for him as well. Bank and Post Office. Pretty simple (most of the time) unfortunately, two blondes were handling this task. So Monica asks, "where is the bank you need to go to?" I say blah di blah nearby, but it's out of our way, so I said "no worries, there's a branch down from where we'll be" Well alrighty then, so off we go.Probelm arises when we pull up to the drive-thru teller who then asks,"don't you want to deposit this at such and such bank?" OOPS! This is the wrong bank! So where in the world is my bank?! As it turned out the next closest branch was not that close. We drove to the other side of town and Voila! there is the bank! And a nice restaurant for lunch AND a nice new post office! Moral of the story is : Always check to make sure someone hasn't moved your bank BEFORE you try to go there! I think I'm switching to a new bank with a branch on every street corner! Monica and I still had a great day together...but who knows what we'll get into next! Have a great Monday or Friday or whatever! TTFN!


  1. The Blog is looking good Mom!! Keep up the Awesome stuff! =) Have a Great day... I Love You!!

  2. Monica here - "I was just the driver." Too funny! Beaut of a card!