Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi there Blog fans! I know! I've been gone for like a week!!! I know! No Excuses! Things have been really busy here AND I am STILL trying to figure out my camera and all it's little idiosyncrises (sp?) Without the instruction book...it's like flying blind! And I am a white knuckle-flier, for sure! But the good news is that I am learning and I am getting some photos together here soon! Lots of things have been transpiring since,last we blabbed (well me anyway). My friends, Charles and Linda celebrated their 40th anniversary and a mutual Birthday!!CONGRATS! you two! My nephew in Ohio is celebrating his high school graduation (Go RY!) and I have been asked to make a flip-flop cake for a bridal shower next week. DEFINITELY posting pictures! I am hoping that my friend Monica will collaborate on the cake with me. She has the coolest ideas and great creative vision! Thanks Monica! My brother has invited us to stay with him this weekend when we go up to my nephew's party. I can't wait to spend some time with him and the family, and if there are any cool photos to share..you know I will! The one drwaback with traveling up to the land of OH, is that it is an 8 hour car ride (in good traffic). So...patience being a virtue...I will try to be virtuous! And I hope my DH doesn't have any probs with the bluetooth in the car (who's idea was it it call it that, anyway?). Last time he tried to call our son from the car's tooth, it misunderstood him and started speaking French, to which my DH responded with some blue language (touche! Mazda). He had me laughing to the point of tears...which rubbed off on him and made it harder for him to stay on the road! Yikes! So Blog fans...Beware the Blue Tooth! TTFN!
Edee :)

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