Monday, February 22, 2010

Wow! It's been a Looooooong time!

Hi there blog fans!Big apology here...I am sorry not to have been posting for what ...5 months!? I have started a new job, and as most can confess to ; life gets in the way of having fun sometimes. I like the job (even though it takes me away from my most favorite craft) and I enjoy the idea of being out among people, if only I could craft at the same time. But be that as it may...I hope to stay online with my blog and not be gone for so long. So catching up: Happy Halloween,Thanksgiving,Christmas,Kwanzaa. Hannuhkah, New Year's, MLK Jr. Day, Ground Hog Day, Presidents' Day, and Valentine's Day. (I don't think I missed any...sorry if I did). I have been up in the lab creating a few more items and plan to take a picture of them here today. That's providing my camera cooperates. I had the photo store guy reset it for me, so we'll see.Meanwhile, since the *##$!! ground hog saw his looks as though spring will be a liitle later getting here which gives me more cause to bring you some sunny creations. To that end...I bid you Happy Spring and warm smiles!

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